Nuclear Forensics and a High-resolution Spectrometer for Advanced Nuclide Analysis

Nuclear forensics

Quantitative isotopic analysis, such as measurements of Uranium 235 enrichment or isotopic and composition of Plutonium, is one of the key elements of nuclear material verifications for safeguards purposes.

The Goal

Cryogenic, high-resolution spectrometers will give clear separations between gamma lines. The analysis significantly reduces uncertainties for uranium enrichment or plutonium isotopic composition measurements. Development of portable, robust, high-resolution spectrometer greatly improves the quality of IAEA nuclear safeguards verification in the field.

Supporting Voices

The Kirchoff Institute of Physics at the University of Heidelberg will design and supply detectors for the cryostat.

The EU Joint Research Centre, the CEA at Saclay, and the International Atomic Energy Agency have all expressed great interest and support.