Single-photon Detection with Energy Resolution

Kaon has combines a compact, sub-Kelvin system with superconducting detector technologies to make a portable, high-resolution, cryogenic spectrometer for x- and gamma-ray detection up to 200keV, which can be specifically aimed to address nuclear safety issues
including forensics and accountability for internation nuclear non-proliferation treaties.

Small, High-Power, 1 Kelvin Systems

Used for many various detector technologies, this 1 Kelvin cryostat offers high power on a small footprint. Available in single-shot or continuous variants, this can be the basis for your detector lab. The system is often used as a cryogenics workhorse below the transistion of aluminium before going to low temperatures in bigger, more expensive systems.

Milli-Kelvin Systems

500 mK to 50 mK, we have various technology combinations cooling powers and footprints to meet you needs. If you need very high powers or very low temperatures, we can help you with your possible choices, and recommend various experimental set-up for you lab.