Vacuum, Aerospace Testing Chambers

Thermal-Vacuum Chambers for electronics testing and verification. Environment simulation is a cornerstone of testing in the aerospace industry. Testing for orbital conditions, extreme situations and life-time are highly important when defining proper benchmarks for aerospace components. Pressure-reduced environments and vacuum chambers where temperatures can be varied and cycled from -100°C to +150°C and pressures varied from atmosphere to 1E-9 mbar are valuable tools for manufacturers responsible for verification.

The standard Kaon Thermal-Vacuum chamber is based on an external kW-power cascade cooler. The temperature of the thermal mounting plate can be forced from -80°C to +150°C and back in minutes. STT

Vacuum and Cryogenics, processing

Designed for the cryogenic separation of gases, with a multitude of feed-through types, electrical, optical and with gas, liquid and solid extraction access. Temperatures to 40 Kelvin, pressures to 1E-7 mbar.  HSL


Making cryogenics easy. Anywhere from 300 K to 30 mK. Custom-made cryogenic machines, adapted from our standard formats: Two types of sub-kelvin machine for work at 1000 mK or 500 mK, and a completely autonomous sub-100mK system. IQOQI, SMI

A small Adiabatic Demagnetisation Refrigerator ADR for work with cryogenic detectors.

Applications, Detectors

Combining recently developed cryogenic infrastructure with novel superconducting detector technologies to make a versatile, compact, portable, high-resolution, cryogenic spectrometer for x-
and gamma-ray detection up to 200keV,  specifically aimed to address nuclear safety issues including forensics and accountability for international nuclear non-proliferation treaties. Partners: SMI, LTS, PAYR, KIP, EuroStars


Moving energy forward: Kaon partners with strong industry leaders reducing energy costs, generating technology and opening new markets. Saving energy, generating LNG, and making money. TyTo, CeH4