A commercial, cryogenic platform for a wide range of cryogenic sensors

Some members of the ASPECT collaboration
Some members of the ASPECT collaboration

The Machine

The cryogen-free, adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator is specially designed for use with cryogenic detectors at sub-Kelvin temperatures. The project pushes the technology into the realm of reliable, compact and user-friendly devices, which can be easily transported and mounted on beam-lines or telescope facilities.

The Performance

The prototype detector stage works with a cryogenic sensor (transition-edge sensor or magnetic penetration thermometer) which can achieve a resolution of about 10 eV at a few keV (soft x-rays). By lowering the temperature range and to introducing continuous, high-power, low-temperature cooling, we have a high-resolution cryogenic spectrometer system on
the market.

The Goal


The Stefan Meyer Institute plans to use the detector system to make an improved measurement of the mass of the kaon. Various cryogenic detectors will be tested with a view to achieving the necessary resolution at 10 keV x-ray energies created in kaonic atoms. Later stages of the project should see lower temperatures and higher resolutions, with improved count rates in an optimised experimental set-up.